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Tim (my husband) made his Burnt Bread Chickin Casserole. It is a recipe he came up with when we had 7 children to feed and he still had to make 2 casseroles 😅. If anyone wants the recipe just let me know. It really is delicious ✌delicious buzzfeed foodporn veggies yummy dinner foodphotography spices foodstagram chicken mouthwatering food bread creamofmushroomsoup dinnerfortwo kitchn kitchinbowl


I'm working on the best spelt dark choc-banana bread like the one at my favorite coffee shop. Very close but still something is missing... ・ Bondicoffeeのバナナブレッドを再現したいんだけど、何かが足りないんだよな〜。我が家の軽めのケーキとは違い、ここのはしっとりどっしり。なのに全然重くないのだ。


mehn!! sugar cravings are dangerous.... felt like I could eat a house last night and do a lot of damage to anyone in my way .. 📷 leo_sneg


This!!! I could really do with this in my life right now but alas! laziness surpasses all at the moment, so I don't see it in my immediate future.. mehn!! the trials I have to go through.... 📷 themodernproper